County Projects


We have commitments for the following major projects:

     2009-2010:  Widening of SR 104   =   Construction in Progress (Contract administered by ODOT)

     2009:  Guardrail replacement on Three Locks Road & Stoney Creek Road  =  Complete

     2009-2010:  Guardrail replacement on Dry Run Road  =  Complete

     2009:  Replacement of bridge on Hess Lane  =  In Planning Stage


    Also on the home page you can see the names of roads where paving, bridge work or culvert work can at times unavoidably cause road closures or significant delays.  We do our best to avoid these, but we will try to help you plan ahead by listing work that might impact your travel plans on our "Work Schedule" link.  We make every effort to list them in time to help you plan your times of travel and routes that you take.

We ask for your patience and caution as you travel, for your safety, and the safety of those doing the work.

Thank You !