Project Funding Update

December 6th,2000 the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Committee(TRAC) elevated the State Route #207 Connector from a Tier Two to a Tier One status and allocated 22.5 million dollars in Federal Gas Tax Funds for project construction toward the 25 million dollar cost.

The TRAC allocation is for fiscal 2005, but the design work is on schedule for an early 2002 approval. I'm optimistic the project can move up the list for a 2003 ground breaking. With the major bridges that are involved, two construction seasons will be needed to complete the work.

The 3.14 miles connector is planned with a connection at State Route #104 just south of the Fairgrounds. There will be a bridge over the Scioto River,a bridge under the CSX Railroad,and an interchange with U S Route#23-north of Delano Road. To maximize traffic flow and safety Hospital Road and River Road will be extended to that interchange.

The two lane limited access Connector is expected to carry 13,000 vehicles by the design year, many of which are currently using Business Route #23/North Bridge Street.

New and existing industries,medical,and social services clients and employees from the western areas of the county will benefit by the more direct access.

That access will be further enhanced with the planned widening of State Route #104 from the U S Route #35 intersection to the SR #207 connection. All area traffic will benefit enormously by the reduction of traffic on Business Route#23/North Bridge Street.