January 2018

                               Bridges with Reduced Load Limits   

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Route Road Name Structure # Limit (Ton) Location/Twp
T-095 Bushmill Rd. 0912 36 Between Egypt Pike & S.R.#207 in Deerfield Twp
T-1256 Cemetery Rd. 0001 36 @ the Intersection of Mt. Tabor Rd. and Cemetery Rd. in Huntington Twp
C-222 Charleston Pike (RR Bridge) 383 2 Axle Truck: 13 Tons
3 Axle Truck: 19 Tons
4 Axle Truck: 15 Tons
5 Axle Truck: 32 Tons
Between Blacksmith Hill Rd. and Schrader Rd. in Springfield Twp.
T-234 Chapel Creek Rd. 0035 31 Between Walnut Crk. Rd. & Dearth Rd. in Greene Twp
T-249 Chapel Creek Rd. 0050 32 Between Dearth Rd. & Dry Run Rd. in Green Twp
T-46 Edgington Rd. 0116 30 Between Lower Twin Rd & Haney Lane in Buckskin Twp
C-054 Lower Twin Rd. (covered bridge) 0365 4 Between S.R.#41 & South Salem in Buckskin Twp
C-213 Musgrove Road (RR Bridge) 0781 26 Between Old Route 35 and Lancaster Rd. in Liberty Twp.
C-60 Westfall Rd 0446 14 Between Fout Rd & Cupps Bridge Rd in Concord Twp

     9 Bridges with Reduced Load Limits on County Road System, out of 430 Bridges. Subject to change.