2019 Road and Bridge Construction in Ross County, Ohio

     The following roads are where we have work planned for this year.  This work can at times unavoidably cause road closures or travel delays.  We do our best to avoid these, but we will try to help you plan ahead by listing work that might impact your travel plans on our Work Schedule link.  We make every effort to list them in time to help you plan your times of travel and routes that you take.

     We ask for your patience and caution as you travel, for your safety, and the safety of those doing the work.

     Thank you!








































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Ross County Engineer's Office

755 Fairgrounds Road

P.O. Box 458

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-0458


Charles R. Ortman, P.E., P.S.  

County Engineer



Fairgrounds Road Office:

Phone: (740) 702-3130

FAX: (740) 702-3135



Engineer's Map Room:

Phone: (740) 702-3136

Fax: (740) 702-3137


Fairgrounds Road Garage:

Phone: (740) 702-3140



Thanks for looking in to see the range of services offered by my office! Below see news events about the roads and bridges that you travel.  I hope these items make traveling the county safer and easier.  Click a link to learn more about the activities required to provide a modern county highway system and accurate property map records.  And, please don't hesitate to call should further information be needed.  Charlie

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Map Room

Work Schedule

How to find us

Required Permits

Request a County Map

Upcoming Projects

Property Search

Bridge Load Limits and Vertical Clearance Heights

Conveyance Standards



Box Culverts

Culvert Pipe






(see Work Schedule)








Road Paving

(County Road System)

C-163 Valley Rd.

(Begin at County Line End at St. Rt. 772)

C-159 Bishop Hill Rd.

(Begin at Blain Highway - End at St. Rt. 772)

C-600 Massieville Rd.

(Begin at U.S. 23 End at Dead End)

C-20 Jester Hill Rd.

(Begin at County Line - End at Bainbridge Corp Line)

C-82 Good Hope Rd.

(Begin at County Line End at Austin Rd.)

C-213 Ginger Hill Rd.

(Begin at Charleston PK. End at Ault Rd.)

C-223 Dry Run Rd.

(Begin at Marietta Rd. End at St. Rt. 180)

C-223 Dry Run Rd.

(Begin at Chapel Creek Rd. End at Graves Rd.)

C-246 Ault Rd.

(Begin at Jones Rd End at Concord Church Rd.)

C-603 Moundsville Rd.

(Begin at Pleasant Valley Rd End at St. Rt. 104)

C-167 Blain Highway

(Begin at U.S. 50 End at U.S. 23)





(see Work Schedule)

Drag Patching

(County Road System)






(see Work Schedule)

Chip and Seal

(County Road System)

(see Work Schedule)